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Read and translate the text. Pre-reading exercise

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  10. Choose and fill in the necessary form of the Participle. Define the function of the Participle in the sentence. Translate the sentences into Russian.
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  12. Compose a few sentences using the terms from the table. Ask your partner to translate them.

Pre-reading exercise

Unit 1

CHAPTER VI Smuggling Aboard the Ships


1. What do you know about drug smuggling aboard the ships?

2. Do you think the penalties for drug smuggling can be effective?

3. What comes to your mind when you hear «vessel's vulnerability"?

Large shipments of illegal drugs are smuggled into the United States and other countries each year utilizing commercial air and sea carriers, among other methods. Recognizing this problem, the US Congress enacted and amended laws to strengthen the ability of law enforcement agencies to deal with drug smuggling. As a result of both these new laws and changes to existing laws, indifference by carriers to drug smuggling aboard their conveyances is no longer a viable posture. The penalties provided by these new laws make it imperative that sea carriers exercise the greatest possible care and diligence in preventing the use of their conveyances for the importation of illegal drugs.

The level of security consciousness necessary to prevent the importation of illegal drugs aboard a carrier's vessels depends upon the carrier's vulnerability to those who would use its equipment and services for their illegitimate purposes. In assessing its vulnerability, the carrier should examine each segment of its operation to identify weaknesses which can easily be exploited by the criminal element. Perhaps the most important consideration in identifying a carrier's risk for use by drug smugglers is its vessels' itineraries:

- Do these vessels call at known drug source or transit countries?

- Did the cargo, which was laden at a relatively safe port, originate here, or has been transshipped from a drug source country?

- Can a carrier find out where the cargo originated?

Another very important aspect of a carrier's operation which must examined in assessing its vulnerability is the security of the conveyanceitself. By practicing good sound security procedures throughout the voyage, a carrier's ability to detect possible concealments on board provides an additional deterrent to smuggling attempts.

In assessing a vessel's vulnerability, involvement by crewmembers in either drug smuggling or drug use must neither be overlooked nor tolerated. Crew members should be carefully observed for any of the following behavior patterns to determine their smuggling risks:

- Nervous or suspicious behavior

- Unusually large amounts of money

- Unusual amount of articles legally purchased

- Expensive clothing

- Meetings with persons in ports the crew member is not known to have visited before

- Unusual mode of dress when going ashore

- Unusual interest in particular areas of the vessel

- Unusual interest in particular cargo shipment or container

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