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3. He wants the stick now and then: it will do him good. (P.G.Wodehouse)

4. And there is nothing so difficult to marry as a large nose; men dont like them. (O.Wilde)

5. I only said what a nice birthday present it would be if someone would stick me in the gizzard with a pig knife. But it wont happen. No such luck. (J.Cary)

6. Mrs.Bogart was not the acid type of Good Influence. She was the soft, damp, fat, sighing, indigestive, clinging, melancholy, depressingly hopeful kind. (S.Lewis)

7. I fell into conversation with an elderly young lady standing next me (A.Christie)

8. I dont think I ever in my life felt I wanted mustard as badly as I felt I wanted it then. I dont care for mustard as a rule, and it is very seldom that I take it at all, but I would have given worlds for it then. (J.K.Jerome)

9. In desperation, Mr.Brock abruptly tried to change the subject:

What do you think of the Sitwells?

The sit-wells? said Alvina with a puzzled cackle. Do you mean these comfy arm-chairs? (R.Aldington)

10. I confess that until you supplied this information I was feeling profoundly dubious about poor old Gussies chances of inducing any spinster of any parish to join him in the saunter down the aisle. (P.G.Wodehouse)

11. And Joshua, and all of Israel with him, took Achan the son of Zerah, and the silver, and the garment, and the wedge of gold, and his sons, and his daughters, and his oxen, and his asses, and his sheep, and his tent, and all that he had. (The Bible)

12. You, lean, long, lanky lam of a lousy bastard! (O'C.)



1. The heater, set to an automatic temperature, yawned hoarsely behind her (L.Erdrich)

2. The New York theatre is just a twitching corpse. (S.Lewis)

3. My acquaintance with British life and manners is entirely derived from the printed page. (S.Lewis)

4. One helmet remains behind and slowly paces up and down before the house, in company with one of the two policemen (Ch.Dickens)

5. In the same hotel with them were the Noisy Pair: two New Yorkers who at all hours were heard, widely heard, observing that all Europeans were inefficient (S.Lewis)

6. Except for the time when the cook had cut her thumb opening a tin of sardines, she had never been brought face to face with tragedy. (S.Leacock)

7. So think first of her, but not in the I love you so that nothing will induce me to marry you fashion. (J.Galsworthy)

8. He was becoming accustomed to the home of the homeless. (S.Lewis)

9. Where does Jack Frost catch a cold?

In his snows!

10. I had about as much chance of getting a bed tonight as I have of being the next President. (OHenry)

11. I said, Who killed him? and he said I dont know who killed him, but hes dead all right, and it was dark and there was water standing in the street and no lights or windows broke and boats all up in the town and trees blown down and everything all blown and I got a skiff and went out and found my boat where I had her inside Mango Key and she was right only she was full of water. (Ernest Hemingway)

12. She mimicked a lisp: I dont weally know wevver Im a good girl. The last thing hell do would be to be mixed with a howwid woman. (J. Br.)

13. When the lamp is shattered

The light in the dust lies dead

When the cloud is scattered

The rainbow's glory is shed.

When the lute is broken.

Sweet tones are remembered not;

When the lips have spoken,

Loved accents are soon forgot. (P.B. Shelley)


1. Behind the steeple of the church hung the cold eye of the moon. (D.Adams)

2. Then Death himself had touched her, and taken her with him. (O.Wilde)

3. They had killed their wives or mistresses not only from jealousy, because they were unfaithful to them, but also because somehow it affected their pockets. (W.S.Maugham)

4. And even if he were an Adonis, I would still be disinclined to let him loose in an English home. (P.G.Wodehouse)

5. His dry tailored voice was capable of more light and shade than Catherine had supposed. (A.Hutchinson)

6. As the Englishman gulped his drink, Sam enjoyed hating him. (S.Lewis)

7. But you ought to have a clean shirt: I could plant turnips in the collar of that one. (T.Capote)

8. Colonel had lost his temper and his digestion in India, and had never found either of them again. (O.Wilde)

9. Waiter, waiter, what do you call this?

Its bean soup, sir.

I dont care what its been what is it now?

10. Then he rose and began to pace the room in an overwrought sort of way, like a zoo lion who has heard the dinner-gong go and is hoping the keeper wont forget him in the general distribution. (P.G.Wodehouse)

11. There were frowzy fields, and cow-houses, and dunghills, and dustheaps, and ditches, and gardens, and summer-houses, and carpet-beating grounds, at the very door of the Railway. Little tumuli of oyster shells in the oyster season, and of lobster shells in the lobster season, and of broken crockery and faded cabbage leaves in all seasons, encroached upon its high places. (Charles Dickens)

12. "Whereja get all these pictures?" he said. "Meetcha at the corner. Wuddaya think she's doing out there?" (S.)

13. But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first. (St. Matthew).


1. It had sold within a week that desirable residence, in the shadow of whose perfection a man and a woman had eaten their hearts out. (J.Galsworthy)

2. That picture has had me by the throat for the last two years. (J.Cary)

3. She found Bram in bed with Agatha Christie. (E.R.Chase)

4. Immediately blond heads, curly heads, bare shoulders, black shoulders got in her way and she lost sight of that corner of the room. (P.G.Wodehouse)

5. There goes Mr. Big Talk! yelled Mr. Melton at the departing gentleman. (R.Bradbury)

6. It was a tired old town when I first knew it. (H.Lee)

7. A little hope, even hopeless hope, never hurt anybody, I said. (J.Steinbeck)

8. I ought to be shot for not recognizing it. (S.Leacock)

9. Why did Robinson Crusoe always have long weekends?

He got all his work done by Friday!

10. He pauses here to smile, and his smile is as dull and rusty as his pantaloons. (Ch.Dickens)

11. From behind me came Andrews voice (S. Chaplin)

12. He missed our father very much. He was s-1-a-i-n in North Africa. (S.)


1. A great block of ice got settled in my belly and kept melting there slowly all day long. (J.Baldwin)

2. Then Night, like some great loving mother, gently lays her hand upon our fevered heads, and turns our little tear-stained face up to hers, and smiles, and, though she does not speak, we know what she would say, and lay our hot flushed cheek against her bosom, and the pain is gone. (J.K.Jerome)

3. This man doesnt know a Rubens from a Rembrandt. (I.Murdoch)

4. Does money mean that much to you? Just money?

Dont sound like Little Miss Rich Bitch, he said. (E.R.Chase)

5. A spasm of high-voltage nervousness ran through him. (T.Howard)

6. That charmingly horrible person is a perfect Blue Chamber. (Ch.Dickens)

7. I owe you a thousand thanks. (Ch.Dickens)

8. But I escaped. God knows how. I fell off the tram. I lost my ticket and my virtue. (J.Cary)

9. When was the fall of Rome?

September, October and November!

10. She knows more of men than a frog knows of flies. (P. North)

11. Straight into the arms of the police they will go (A. Christie).

12. Living is the art of loving.
Loving is the art of caring.
Caring is the art of sharing.
Sharing is the art of living. (W. H. D.)


1. The door closed behind him gloomily and unhappily. (I.Lad)

2. England has two eyes, Oxford and Cambridge. They are the two eyes of England, and two intellectual eyes. (Ch.Taylor)

3. Perhaps you would be so kind as to join Royce and me at the tavern tonight for dinner. We thought it would be a pleasant change to escape from petticoats for a while. (S.Busbee)

4. Perhaps I am by now too much of a restless Don Juan. (I.Murdoch)

5. There was a moment of stony silence. (I.Lad)

6. I live the mortal immortality of youth. (R.Aldington)

7. And what attracted me to Rozzie in the first place was her size It took several minutes to walk round her. (J.Cary)

8. They came to the crossroads and the expected moment. (R.Aldington)

9. Tell me some more stories about the old haunted house.

I cant, its a one-story house!

10. Her whole life seemed a labyrinth of obscure desires, a jigsaw puzzle of half-formed wishes. (I.Lad)

11. Formidable and ponderous, counsel for the defence arose (A. Christie).

12. His voice began on a medium key, and climbed steadily up till it reached a certain point, where it bore with strong emphasis upon the topmost word, and then plunged down as if from a spring board:










Shall of ease,











Whilst seas? (M. T.)




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