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Complete the following questionnaire using words from ex.10. Change the form of the words where necessary

G) Hold the line, please.

h) could I have your name again?

i) Could I speak to

Receptionist: Good morning. Software Centre. How can I help


Caller: Hello. (1) Tim Newton, please?

Receptionist: (2).

Caller: Its Felix Schumacher.

Receptionist: Thank you. (3). Oh, wait. Ive got

a note here about Mr. Newton. (4) .

Caller: Oh, no! (5).

Receptionist: Yes, certainly.

Caller: (6).. next Monday?

Receptionist: Yes, of course. Im sorry. (7) .

Caller: Its Schumacher.

Receptionist: (8).

Caller: Its S-C-H-U-M-A-C-H-E-R.

Receptionist: (9)

Caller: 0-1-7-1, 3-4-6, 7-2 double8

Receptionist: Right. Mr. Felix Schumacher on 0-1-7-1, 3-4-6, 7-2

double 8.

Caller: Thats it. Thanks very much. Goodbye.

Receptionist: Goodbye.


8. Imagine that youre writing a letter to a client. Write down the words you would write in place of these sentences which were spoken on the phone.

1. Oh, do you think you could call me about this next week?

Could you please telephone me about this next week?

2. Do you think you could confirm it by fax?


3. Sorry, but we cant give you a special discount.

I regret to say that ..

4. If you like, we can spend you a sample of this product.

Please let us know if .

5. Will it be OK to ship the order in two separate consignments?

With your permission, we propose .

6. Thanks a lot for all your help. It was very kind of you.

Thank you ..

7. There may be some questions about our literature if so, can I help

at all?

If you ..

8. Terribly sorry, but you cant amend an order over the telephone.

Unfortunately, .


9. Making request, offering to help and asking for permission. Match a line in A with a line in B:


1. Um, I wonder if you could lend me an umbrella? I need to go out for a little while.

2. Would you mind telling me how to put it up?

3. Im expecting a call from Tokyo at 1.30. Id like you to take a message for me, please.

4. Yes, Chris?

5. 4.30? Oh, yes, that should be OK.


a. Sure, you just press this button here.

b. Why certainly, Id be glad to. Mines over there.

c. Excuse me, Mr. Brown, is it all right if I leave the office at 4.30 this afternoon?

d. Im sorry, but Im having lunch at 1.30.

e. Oh, thanks very much, Mr. Brown.


10. How do you manage your time? Match the words with their corresponding definitions.

1. a challenge

2. maintenance

3. paperwork

4. a report

5. to tackle

6. to update

7. records

8. to focus


a) written documents containing information about the past

b) to deal with

c) work involving written or printed documents

d) to review and include recent changes

e) a piece of writing giving information on a particular subject

f) a difficult but exciting thing to do

g) to pay special attention

h) keeping equipment in good condition


1) When working with other people do you focus on the work that you can do best?

Yes. No .

2) When preparing a written ...........do you list the different sections then make a brief summary of what you will include in each?

Yes . No .

3) Do you . Your address book as soon as people move?

Yes . No .

4) Do you organize your so that documents are grouped according to subjects?

Yes . No.

5) Do you enjoy the of doing new and perhaps more complicated work?

Yes . No .


6) Do you regularly do work to make sure that equipment works efficiently?

Yes . No .

7) Do you keep clear . of the work that you have already done?

Yes . No .

8) Do you the most difficult pieces of work first?

Yes . No .


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